A Sombra Afternoon



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Bailey Paris arrives in a gaming aficionado’s flat, popping right from the game he has been shredding. Clad in a futuristic costume, she finds you dozing off on the sofa, still clutching a controller in your hands. As she gently awakens you, she wants to ease you into realizing that she is not a dream. As you gaze at her in disbelief, she knows full well that you have a weakness for her. So she starts to take of her leather jacket to raise the heat in the room . Next to go is her top to reveal her plump breasts. As she removes your pants and goes straight for your cock, gently sucking on it, you feel an immense surge of pleasure. Then Bailey’s leather pants come off as well, her cock ready for action. First, she climbs atop of you, riding you cowgirl style, taking it deep in her ass. Then you keep switching positions until all the holes get filled to mutual satisfaction. Next in order is some unforgettable sucking and cock-rubbing action that will blow your minds.