A Special Cheerleader



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What could possibly happen on a nice sunny day relaxing by the pool on a lounger, you won’t be expecting too many surprises just chilling out in the sun. The next thing you know two chicks come along dressed as cheerleaders, is there a game? One girl looks like a rather kinky version of Sinead O’Connor with her shaved head and pretty face, we bet nothing compares to you. Her friend with long mousy blonde hair looks like a mischievous vixen in her slinky outfit and that giveaway bad girl tattoo. They look hotter than the sun and a lot more fun, after all, they are special cheerleaders. It’s game on, let’s get introduced. The tattooed girl seems a little horny, she joins our sun-soaked guy, what’s she up to? Wasting no time at all she starts rubbing his cock outside his shorts with an audacious prick tease provoking his pork-like manhood to attention. The Sinead lookalike is very curious, struts over with her hairy pussy out, with maybe more hair on her cunt than her head. She starts wanking the guy off, her long fingers grasping his big swollen dick, he’s a big boy and by the looks of things he’s pleased to see them as his erect fanny thruster looks ready for lift-off. The tattooed chick has her perky little tits out and wants to join the fun. She wants to taste his excitement wrapping her glossy lips around his dick sucking him off. Woops, what’s that? pulling down her panties, we can see that’s no fanny, she’s a tranny. All up close in VR a shocking threesome has erupted, our sunny day boy is getting a tranny treat and a cheeky chick too. It seems he’s loving the surprise with his dick excited to play. Our girl with the shaved head can’t get enough cock in her mouth, she starts to suck that hard transsexual penis too as she sits straddling the guy on the sun-lounger with those tranny testicles in his face. What’s this? The tranny is now sat on the sun-seekers dick while her friend wanks her off at the same time. Hand-job over, the tranny cock is in your face bouncing around semi-soft. Grinding away, the three of them are almost playing a dirty game of Twister, our sun-seeking friends have definitely enjoyed some pool time fun. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.