Luxury Lovers



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  • Publikováno: 2022-05-31 10:05:02

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As the global property market overheats, we imagine there must be some hot options out there, we might be reaching the climax, and we could even expect it to burst making quite a mess. Let’s take a look at an upscale property with Nikki Vidic. She has lovely chestnut colour hair, but what’s that down there? Yes, Nikki is a chick with a dick, she’s dressed elegantly in a black dress and high heels and meeting a client to view a new apartment. We are sure she aims to satisfy the client who loves luxury. In her early 30’s, Nikki is a long-legged transexual from Slovenia, and she’s been in the porn business since 2017. In our VR video “Luxury Lovers”: she meets the suited client and appears dressed for success or is that simply “sex”? They seem impressed with each other and are keen to explore the property room by room. It seems that they want to get naked, and Nikki pulls his pants down, they both look excited and are up for some dick-on-dick action, a horny reaction. Our man’s swollen penis seems ready for the long fingers of Ms Vidic to grip, stroking his long hard shaft as Vikki caresses his balls. The two of them are enjoying the benefits of being Luxury Lovers. With her long legs and panties pulled down to her ankles we can see just how big Nikki is, our man can’t wait to wank her off. And how about some anal pleasures? Our two Transexual Lovers look like they are desperate to help each other meet the urge to ejaculate. They are getting worked-up, hotter than the property bubble, and the chocolate starfish is the todger target. But first some cock munching blowjob fun. They can share cock jiggling before going up the bum as they give each other lavishing blowjobs treating the swollen cock helmets as they fight the urge to cum before it’s up the bum. In goes the dick, nice and quick, sinking into the pleasure zone, they clearly both love it. But then they are Luxury Lovers after all. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.