TS Bang BoXXX 3



  • Typ videa: Trans
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  • Publikováno: 2023-04-24 00:01:00

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We slip into the silky white box; what might we find today we wonder. Looks like we are up for a wild one, an Izzy Wilde one actually and she really is a seriously hot trans-girl. Just look at her exquisite features, that’s a proper “babe face” if ever we saw one. Izzy is dressed in turquoise blue lingerie, she asks us, “Have you been spying on me”? We’d love to. Izzy asks if we like her outfit, indeed we do, but as she says, it looks better off her body. Look at her stunning blue eyes, are those coloured contact lenses? Don’t you just love the tongue piercing too, and she has a great tattoo on her back? Tattoos are always a sign of “crazy in the head, fantastic in bed”. She talks to the camera seductively, this is VR Porn at its very best, with such a smooth Yankee accent. It looks like we are in for some serious hanky panky, a spank and a wank with this trans-girl Yank, let’s see what tricks she’ll get up to on the TS Bang BoXXX. We bet you are getting hard in anticipation, out slip this blonde bombshell’s tits, and warm brown nipples right in our camera, they look quite pert, and Izzy Wilde almost looks all girl until she pulls her cock out of her panties, and it seems she wants to treat us to some penis play as she rubs a dildo over her bell-end and bollocks with her asshole in view and legs wide open. Bingo, she shoves a long-ribbed dildo deep up her bum hole, ass fucking herself and loving the sensations as it glides smoothly through her chocolate ring piece. She is hungry for cock and as if by the magic of VR a man joins Izzy in the box and he seems to have quite a big hard cock for her. It looks like Izzy will be getting busy. She wraps her dinky little hands around his throbbing knob, stroking it as it hardens up and playing with his balls. Wrapping her succulent lips around his prick, she takes it deep throat and sucks him off like a pro with a sensual trans-girl special blowjob. Now, as the video is number three in in our TS Bang BoXXX series it only seems natural that someone gets banged up the box, in this case, up the shit box. We know that Izzy’s asshole can swallow the dildo, how about a long hard cock up her box? He pushes his throbbing pink cock head inside, sliding his hard shaft in and starts pumping Izzy’s ass, she’s squealing with delight as she gets shagged up the shitter. Looks like Izzy is excited, to say the least, she’s getting hard and horny and now she wants to change position. Plunge it deep inside from behind is her preferred position, she can feel the sexual excitement in the guy’s cock as he struggles not to come too soon. How about on her back again, at a slightly different angle, yes, as we can see, her sexy little trans-girl ass is able to prove that with the perfect brown star anal sex. So, the end is going to be a sticky blast of cum up the bum, and it looks like Izzy Wilde and the porn star cock in the box had a lot of fun. We hope you loved it and stroked off a good old wank with the magical effects of almost being there with VR Porn. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.